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«The bitterness of poor quality, there is, even when the sweetness of low price has long been forgotten!»


    Company «SPORTIMPEX» offers a systematic approach to integrated building renovation and equipping of sports facilities - from concept to realization of the object, including consulting and engineering support of the construction process, completing facility construction materials and equipment class «Elite», «standard» and «economy» best European and other international and domestic manufacturers.

    Company «SPORTIMPEX» from the very first year of operation has established itself as a consistent progressive organization working for the European quality standards and having all the necessary logistical and intellectual resources.

    Company «SPORTIMPEX» applies advanced scientific, innovative and energy-saving technologies to build sites quickly and with a high rate of implementation of investment projects of the customer. The company's philosophy -  systematic approach to building quality cooperation in the fields of such diverse areas as design, construction, infrastructure, devices and equipment, sports and mass entertainment facilities.

    Company «SPORTIMPEX» takes an active part in social and sporting life of the regions, including such national programs as - «Children of Ukraine», «Healthy nation», «Sport for all!» and «City gym». At least we are taking an active part in the preparation of Ukraine to “Euro–2012” (creation of a new sports infrastructure and reconstruction of existing facilities in Dnepropetrovsk and other cities in Ukraine).
     The company specializes in supplying a wide range of equipment and accessories for a complete set of sports facilities, as well as part of the group companies hold leading positions in the construction market of sports facilities in Ukraine.
     During this period we have gained practical experience in the design, construction and reconstruction of different types of sports facilities (sports fields of up to Gym and football stadiums, including federal international standard stadium with their complete infrastructure). This experience is based on the development of major international design, engineering and construction firm-specific economic conditions of Ukraine and Russia.

     The main objective of the company «SPORTIMPEX» - to convey to the young generation the idea of sport, physical education and healthy lifestyles.

    Company «SPORTIMPEX» offers a wide range of products for a complete set of sports facilities of almost any complexity from the world's leading manufacturers, as well as a wide range of services for the construction and design in the following areas:
- designing, developing the concept and design of sports facilities
- construction and reconstruction «turnkey» sports facilities (stadiums, mini-football and the standard football fields, ice arena, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, gym and jogging tracks, gyms, etc.)
- playgrounds for games, contests and family holidays
- sports coverage (security system covers «Eximlink» (Austria) and «GRANUFLEX» (Hungary), artificial grass, synthetic and artificial ice, linoleum, sports parquet, flavored coating «MARMOLEUM», artificial pile carpeting, roller coating «GRABOFLEX»)
- a variety of sports simulators leading manufacturers (professional and home)
- sports equipment and accessories for all types of sports, physical education, recreation and games
- technology, facilities, equipment and lighting for sports and mass entertainment facilities
- special equipment (equipment for the care of the grass, and ice coatings, construction machinery)

   Company «SPORTIMPEX» is the exclusive distributor on the territory of Ukraine and Russia, CIS European manufacturer of safe sports surfaces «Eximlink» (Austria) and «GRANUFLEX» (Hungary).

   Coating systems «Eximlink» (Austria) and «GRANUFLEX» (Hungary) - a shock-absorbing rubber decorative plates of different thickness base size of 100x100 and 50x50 cm, from which the sound system mounted planar surfaces: not moving, permeable (with drainage ditches to divert water), wear, resistant to ultraviolet light, frost-proof, collapsible with a certificate of protection from bruises in the fall.

      Coverage «Eximlink» (Austria) and «GRANUFLEX» (Hungary) provides comfortable conditions for sports training and competitions for athletes, as well as youth sports games: shock absorption, absorbs sound, resistant to wear. Relief surface provides slip resistance. Coverage does not contain any harmful substances and has no restrictions on use.

     Company «SPORTIMPEX» during its existence has gained unique experience in the field of construction and reconstruction of various types of sports facilities, from children's and sports fields to the football and ice fields. Features allow the company to meet the various demands of our customers, from low-budget organizations to professional sports federations. Individual approach to each customer allows us to find the most effective schemes of cooperation.

The basic principles which we work: «We do not have clients, we have only PARTNERS!»

We do not want to make one or two profitable only for us to deal, not taking into account the interests of our customers. Our goal - long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Due to our constant partners we have to take their firm place in this market segment, reached today's success and we hope to retain and develop it in the future.
Advantages of working with us:
• many years of practical experience in the field of sports
• high quality services, delivered equipment and goods
• qualified staff
• trusting relationships with all customers and partners
• availability of international quality certificate ISO 9000: 1
• competitive prices and flexible system of discounts
• after-sales service and warranty on materials and equipment
• strict adherence to delivery dates and stages of implementation of works

«With respect to you and your business!» - this is our main principle of work with each person and partner
Valery Serbin, general director of «SPORTIMPEX» Ltd


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